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Dinner Menu

We are currently not open for dinner. For private or corporate dinner events we offer a seasonal three course menu for kr 550,- per person.

Please use the contact form on our event page or contact us at for enquiries.


Corn tortillas with fried corn & lentils (D – cheese)

tortillas with corn cream, tomatillo, tomato salsa, bufar cheese, sour tabasco, kohlrabi & basil

179, –

Watermelon salad (SU)

asparagus beans, fried onions, Vietnamese mint, coriander, hoisin sauce & coconut dressing

169, –

Bao bun with lion´s mane (E, S, W)

pickled root vegetables, carrot, sprouts, wasabi mayo & shoyu sauce

179, –

Tomato salad from Hanasand farm (D – cheese)

tomato trio, white tomato and truffle foam & fried parmesan flakes

169, –

Fried asparagus & broccolini (N, E, D – butter)

pomegranate, pistachio, ramson hollandaise & labneh dust

229, –


Chiang mai naan with fried lion´s mane (N, S, SU, W)

chiang mai sauce, mango, pak choy, cashew, lime leaf, cilantro, thai basil & pickled ginger

279, –

Okonomiyaki (E, S, W)

cabbage pancake, tarragon mayonnaise, okonomiyaki sauce & parsnip chips

239, –

Thiebou yap (West African fried rice) (E)

broken rice, asparagus, carrot, maize, cabbage, cassava, tamarin & okra

269, –


Ice cold rhubarb (SU)

rhubarb covered in elderflower & vanilla, with strawberries and prosecco

145, –

Chocolate ganache (N, E, D – milk)

white chocolate cream, raspberry three ways & hazelnut caramel

160, –

Vegan lemon tart (W)

with vegan meringue

155, –


1/4 brillat savarin with tomato marmalade (D – cheese)

served with Bornholm crackers

135, –

Norwegian cheese platter (D – cheese)

Brilliant brie, Himmelspannet, Myrdal vellagret, Gangstad blå & Bornholm crackers

175, –

Olives (SU)

mixed Greek olives

79, –

Mustard infused nuts (N, M)

peanuts & maiz

69, –

KUMI Vegan Dinner Menu

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